Cleaning up objects in Kiev and the region

Turnkey warehouse cleaning is a complex of operations from standard cleaning to window washing. The range of tasks can change depending on the selected package of options.


Service of air conditioners in Kyiv

Control over the climate, both in office and residential premises, is relevant at any time of the year, and in order to achieve the expected result, it is important to contact a qualified specialist.


Landscape design of Kyiv and the region

We offer a full range of landscape services from the project to the creation of a turnkey garden or you can choose a specific type of work. We are ready to connect at any stage of creating the garden of your dreams.

BLYSK UKRAINE - professionals in cleaning premises

Our company carries out general cleaning of various types of premises: from cleaning apartments to large offices, from warehouses to production premises . Need cleaning? Order the services of the Cleaning company Kyiv from our team of specialists and you will understand with whom you will continue to cooperate!
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We have created everything to make it easy and convenient for you to use our BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning service.
Calculation of the cost of works
A minimum service tariff has been created on the website and all the nuances of a specific service have been calculated for convenience.
Employment agreements
Before using the work, the company records the entire list of works in a document and with a check for payment for the service.
24/7 support
Our contact manager will answer all your questions and solve all the inconveniences for a comfortable life.
  • General cleaning Kyiv

    We are a team with many years of experience working in the city of Kyiv. Many clients, having applied once, continue to use our services for many years.

  • Cleaning after repair Kyiv

    We send you an experienced team of cleaners who know how to deal with construction pollution.

  • House cleaning Kyiv

    Do not miss the opportunity to spend more time with your child, visit friends and relatives, do your favorite thing or just relax after work.

  • Apartment cleaning Kyiv

    Our cleaning company provides a wide range of services for cleaning private apartments in Kyiv and maintaining cleanliness.

  • Cleaning of cottages Kyiv

    Do not miss the opportunity to spend more time with your child, visit friends and relatives, do your favorite thing or just relax after work.

  • Cleaning medical centers

    We serve a wide range of hospitals and medical centers every day and understand all your requirements.

  • Office cleaning Kyiv

    We are a team with many years of experience in the city of Kyiv and the region. Many clients continue to use our services after applying once.

  • Ozonation of premises Kyiv

    The main advantage of ozone is that it is not stored in cylinders like ordinary gas. Instead, it is carried out by passing oxygen at the point of disinfection.

  • Sofa dry cleaning Kyiv

    Professional cleaning of sofas in Kyiv is a range of services aimed at the care of furniture, with the help of cleaning you can not only preserve the appearance of the upholstery.

  • Furniture dry cleaning Kyiv

    We remove any type of dirt from any upholstery materials. We are not afraid of difficult cases.

  • Carpet dry cleaning Kyiv

    BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning company in Kyiv offers carpet dry cleaning services in the city of Kyiv. Experienced specialists in the field of cleaning carpets.

  • Cleaning of air conditioners Kyiv

    We have been cleaning air conditioners in Kyiv and the region for more than a year, and we have gained a lot of experience in the field of servicing air conditioners of all brands.

Cleaning Company Kyiv

The Cleaning services in Kyiv “BLYSK UKRAINE” does not allow to violate the specified collection terms. We value our customers and are always ready to help if you need to urgently clean the premises before the arrival of guests, tidy up after a fun party or prepare the office for work after renovation.

The scope of work is negotiated in advance, our customers always know the final cost of cleaning the premises. Our cleaning managers control all stages of cleaning, guaranteeing not only the preservation of the client’s personal property, but also the high quality of work.

The company’s specialists competently and responsibly approach any task – they will quickly clean the parquet and tiles of any contamination, remove stains on upholstered furniture, and give the shine of glasses and mirrors. Divorce on the windows, cracks on the parquet floor or mountains of untidy garbage – this is not about us.

You don’t have enough energy and time to tidy up on your own, or you simply don’t want to spend precious minutes of your life sorting out junk and heavy vacuum cleaners – BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning will do it for you! Our prices will definitely please you!