House cleaning Kyiv



Cleaning up the booth in Kiev and the region

For tidying up the booth, all the necessary resources are:

1. Professional team of specialists;.
2. Hypoallergenic, ecological cleaning products: Karcher, Amway, Nerta;.
3. The most modern cleaning service;.
4. We will always continue to understand the terms of the vikonannya zavdannya;.
5. Properly correct and do not create problems with your presence.

Our meta is cleanliness and comfort of your booth. Indulge in sіm’єyu and gain new strength and you are guilty in the situation of freshness and calm. To create for you a comfortable “clean” breath is our task, as professionally and closely as possible.

House cleaning kyiv

Tidying up the booth – operation “Clean house”

In front of warehouses, monitoring of the premises allows you to choose an individual cleaning program for your house, to designate the optimal and safe option for choosing professional cleaning kits.
House cleaning kyiv

For us, as for professionals, tidying up the booth is a complex pidhid, which includes:

1. Dry and wet cleaning of all applications;
2. Mitya vicons, glassy and mirror surfaces with the stosuvannyam of polishing tools with the method of adding to their glare.
3. Cleaning for the help of a special pilosos of kilim covers, soft furnishings and curtains;
4. Cleaning of internal gatherings, polishing of furniture and interior items;
5. Correct cleaning of molds and fittings made of wood and metal forging;
6. Cleaning and disinfection of kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms, lazen with safe care.
7. Cleaning up the adjacent territory.

Pribudinkov territory is a place that will require special respect and surveillance. We will clean the paths and drains from the leaves and the trees, we will put in order your beloved altanka for a vіdpochinku.
With us, cleaning up the booth will end up brighter – your booth will be clean and fresh.
Proponuёmo tidy up after repair. Qiu robot is also victoriously fast and slick.
Mi zavzhdi for holy in the booth! Leather evening – tse vіdmіnna mozhlivіst squat with relatives and friends, have fun for an hour, and have fun.
We will professionally put in order your quiet and living room after the evening and holy days.
Tidying up the booth, yak mi zrobimo for you – all clean booths, filled with the aroma of frosty freshness.
You need to call us and chat about the morning at a good hour for you.

House cleaning kyiv