Installation of an air conditioner in Kyiv



Installation of air conditioners in Kyiv and the region

Installation of air conditioners and sale of air conditioning equipment is an activity that the BLYSK UKRAINE company has been engaged in for 12 years. We supply equipment throughout Belarus. There are more than 100 models in our online store.

Installation of an air conditioner in Kyiv
Our employees select equipment for the client, carry out installation work and maintenance. Installation of air conditioners in Minsk is performed by experienced specialists who are constantly learning and improving their skills.

We install equipment for private individuals and large companies. You can order the installation of split-system air conditioners for industrial premises, restaurants, shops, etc. from us.

Installation of an air conditioner in kyiv
Installation of an air conditioner in kyiv

How we work

Before installation, our employees inspect the object, calculate equipment, consumables, prepare several technical solutions so that the client can choose the right option.

During the installation of the equipment, we use professional tools of the Bosch, LG brands… Our masters work with climatic equipment of various types and configurations.

We install:

air conditioners for home and office premises;
equipment for shops, shopping centers and servers:
multizone air conditioning systems.

Installation of air conditioners in Kyiv

We work with the following brands in the catalog:

installation of DAIKIN air conditioners;
installation of LG air conditioners;
installation of a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner;
installation of Dantex air conditioners;
installation of GREE air conditioners;
installation of Hisense air conditioner;
installation of CooperHunter air conditioners, etc.

Installation of an air conditioner in kyiv
Installation of an air conditioner in kyiv

How we will install air conditioners in Kyiv

Step-by-step instructions for installing the air conditioner:

choosing a place to install modules;
installation of the indoor unit;
preparation of holes for laying cables, drainage, pipes that connect the external and internal blocks;
installation of an external module;
connection of communications;
test start-up of the equipment in different modes, measurements of indicators (energy consumption, network voltage, freon pressure);
correction of the air conditioner (if necessary).

Installing an air conditioner in a house or apartment has many nuances and requires special training. Mounting the outdoor unit often requires climbing gear. Rolling of copper tubes, evacuating the system, filling with refrigerant and other operations are carried out with the help of special equipment.

Self-installation can lead to poor-quality operation of the equipment, breakdowns. To eliminate them, you will have to call a master. As a result, the price of air conditioner installation will turn into a large amount.

Therefore, installation work should be entrusted to experienced specialists who follow the instructions and technical requirements.

Why clients choose us

Advantages of our company:

certified quality equipment;
warranty from 3 to 5 years;
free visit of the engineer to the object;
several technical solutions to choose from;
category 3 certificate for installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, cooling systems and electricity.

Our managers provide free consultations on the purchase, installation, and operation of equipment.

Installation of an air conditioner in kyiv