Air conditioner dismantling Kyiv



Air conditioner dismantling in Kyiv and the region

If the old device breaks down, moves to a new house or repairs the facade of the building, it is necessary to dismantle the air conditioner. The price for this service depends on the complexity of the work – the height of the building, dimensions and type of device. Monoblock window air conditioners . The condenser and the evaporator are placed in one unit. And the refrigerant is a very cold and liquid liquid that cools the air, which poses a certain danger to the environment, circulates inside the case. Dismantling is simple and can be done independently in the presence of an assistant. The remaining types of split systems consist of two blocks connected to each other by various types of pipes and cables. Therefore, it is necessary to involve specialists to dismantle such devices.

Air conditioner dismantling kyiv
Air conditioner dismantling kyiv

Where to order air conditioner dismantling in Kyiv

Such a procedure as dismantling the air conditioner is no less important today than its installation. After all, the installation of a new air conditioner is often carried out at the place where the old system, which has failed, is located. Also, most often, masters have to remove the air conditioner to repair it, when one or another breakdown or freon leak has occurred in the system.

“BLYSK UKRAINE” masters recommend dismantling while preserving freon inside the system. This is relevant for warranty or service maintenance, for example, for dismantling the radiator of the air conditioner and its subsequent replacement. Even if there is no need for further use of the air conditioner, if freon leaks, burns and environmental pollution are possible.

Removing the external or external unit

The covers of the nozzles connecting the liquid pipeline are removed;
After maximum cooling, the liquid pipe is closed, the pressure is controlled using a manometer;
When the pressure is completely reduced, the air conditioner is turned off and all valves are closed. As a result, all freon remains inside the external unit;
To prevent leakage and ingress of debris and dust, copper pipes are cut and clamped with a vice;
The final stage of disassembly is the removal of the external unit and standard fasteners from the wall. The weight of the entire external structure is considerable, so dismantling must be carried out by installers equipped with safety equipment.

Air conditioner dismantling kyiv
Air conditioner dismantling kyiv

Dismantling and installation of “BLYSK UKRAINE” air conditioners

Installation and dismantling of climate systems requires a lot of experience and knowledge, not only the reliable operation of the equipment, but also warranty and service depends on correctly performed actions. BLYSK UKRAINE specialists install and dismantle household, semi-industrial and industrial air conditioners of any level of complexity. You can leave an application on the website or contact us by phone.