Equipment of the Cleaning Company Kyiv

A professional cleaner is not just a cleaner with a broom and a rag, he is a master equipped with special equipment and equipment.

The specialized equipment used in professional cleaning is the guarantee of maximum and effective washing and cleaning in the process of assembly work.

To achieve high-quality cleaning, we prefer Italian and German equipment – leaders in the production of specialized equipment and equipment for cleaning, as well as detergents.

Vacuum cleaners, steam generators of leading German manufacturers Kärcher, Nilko. And also Italian production Soteca, Storm, Lava, Comec. Equipment for washing windows, equipment for the care of floors of the Italian company TTS. KRANZLE napkins, rags, pads for floor mats.

The main weapon in the cleaner’s arsenal is a vacuum cleaner. Compact and powerful, performs wet and dry cleaning of premises. Leaves behind a perfectly clean surface. Wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning floors, walls, furniture, doors, carpets.

Steam generators – clean hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean places – tile seams, hoods, ventilation grilles, etc.; grease and soot are removed. Polishers are used to give the parquet a fresh and shiny look. Floor cleaning and windshield wipers, respectively for cleaning floors and glass (windows, stained glass).

Such an arsenal accompanies our professional cleaning team. Of course, we will not bring everything to you at once. Equipment and detergents depend on the tasks, whether it is cleaning the apartment after renovation, or general cleaning or cleaning carpets – everything has its purpose.