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Landscape design of the site in Kyiv and the region

The landscape design of the garden or the surrounding area can be distinguished as a separate art form. It allows you to make a smooth transition from artificial architectural forms to natural ones – a garden, reservoir, meadow or field. Landscaping of the homestead area harmoniously ennobles the area, which clearly distinguishes it from other, ordinary areas.

Creating such a project is a creative process that requires certain skills. Therefore, to create a landscape design of a country house, summer cottage, garden, or even an urban environment, the consultations and services of specialized landscape studios are often resorted to. On our website, you can contact the best specialists, masters of their field. These are well-educated people with extensive experience in this field.

Landscape design kyiv

Project of the site from the landscape studio

Belgorod region is the place where you can and should pay attention to your own garden. But the list of our works includes not only the garden, but also the rest of the territory of the house for recreational and economic purposes. We offer our clients several projects to choose from:

Landscape design kyiv
  1. Landscape project “Basic”. In this option, a designer comes to your site. He inspects the area, makes all the necessary measurements. After that, it offers two options for planning and landscaping a country plot, garden or outbuilding.
  2. Landscape project “Comfort”. This is a more advanced project. The designer, in addition to visiting and taking measurements, creates a more detailed project. The cost of this project includes: a general plan of the entire site, a floor plan, a drainage and storm sewer layout plan, a dendrological planting plan in the garden, a landscaping plan, a planting drawing and six visualization angles of the site.
  3. Landscape project “Premium”. The designer provides a detailed project of landscape works of a suburban private or country house and garden. This also includes the electrical plan of the house: the garden will be illuminated by artificial decorative lighting. To maintain the site in the received state, the designer will prepare a detailed consultation on the care of all plants in your garden.

Land improvement plan in Kyiv

The development of the landscape design of a private house includes the construction of a clear plan in filling the site with various plants and decorative elements. Our specialists have the task of combining different recreation areas in your garden as harmoniously as possible. Would you like to have a lake or an alpine hill on the site? No problem! Having drawn up a landscape project for a country house or country house, we fix the price for the work for the customer and determine the terms of their implementation in stages.

Our designers will easily help you decide on a style, and will create a project taking into account all your wishes. Your plot will become your pride and the envy of your neighbors, it will be extremely harmonious even in combination with modern architectural forms.

Landscape design kyiv

After you contact us, the designer will come to your site to familiarize yourself with the area. He will advise you on all issues. Will offer his vision of the project. Will familiarize you with the technologies that will be used in the work.

After that, you can start analyzing the territory. We take into account all the features of the soil, temperature, topography, during the landscape design of transformations of the territory of your country house and country garden. After a complete analysis of your landscape, the specialist will make several sketches. You will be able to review and make your adjustments. After choosing the appropriate option and agreeing on it, we will prepare all the necessary project documentation.

A fully prepared and approved landscape design project can be implemented. The work schedule must be approved by the customer.

Using the services of our landscape studio, you will be able to turn all your wishes into reality in the shortest possible time.

Design, sale, installation, service! The area of ​​availability of our services is Kyiv, Kyiv district and oblasts. Owners of summer cottages and gardens in other areas can also discuss with us the possibility of work and agree on landscape design, taking into account our organizational capabilities regarding business trips and the duration of our team’s stay at the site.

Landscape design kyiv

Order landscape design Kyiv

Many people prefer to move from noisy, dirty cities to country houses and start a garden. Kyiv is a beautiful city, but at some point we will prefer a suburban country plot with a city apartment building. Many people already dream of a country house or a house with a landscape design. And the Kyiv region is one of the best places where you can plant a garden and use the fruits of your hands. On their land, the environment is much more spacious, pleasant and comfortable, the most optimal for raising children and living in peace and quiet. In order to get much closer to nature, it is worth taking care not only of housing, but also of arranging private country plots.

Under local conditions, it is recommended to think about the design of the garden. In the Kyiv region, there is enough suitable land and favorable climatic conditions for this. Therefore, it is recommended to allocate the best soil to the garden, and to use only the least suitable soil for cultivated plants as tiles.