Cleaning of cottages Kyiv



Cleaning cottages in Kyiv and the region

An increasing number of people prefer to live outside the city. Fresh air, nature, a lake or a river give a person real pleasure and “charge” with vital energy at any time of the year.
The construction of cottage towns is growing rapidly. Residents of cottage “villages” seek natural recreation outside the city and high-quality comfort.
Cleaning country cottages is one of the services offered by BLYSK UKRAINE.
As a rule, the size of the premises of such houses is quite large, from 100 square meters. meters and more.
And on the territory there are: a bathhouse, a summer house, paths, a garden, a park, etc.
All home construction and territory require attention and care.

Cleaning of cottages kyiv
Cleaning of cottages kyiv

We offer cottage residents not to waste their precious time on the hard work of cleaning, but to entrust it to us – the specialists of the BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning company. Having experience, a professionally trained team, certified cleaning products, special cleaning equipment, we bear full responsibility for the quality of the services provided. Cottages are cleaned in several stages:
1. Dry and wet cleaning of all rooms of the cottage;
2. Washing glass and mirror surfaces using polishing agents to add shine;
3. Use a special vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains;
4. Cleaning and polishing of furniture and interior items;
5. Correct cleaning of products and fittings made of wood and metal forging;
6. Cleaning and disinfection with safe means of kitchen, bathroom, bathrooms, baths.
7. Cleaning the near-cottage area.

Cleaning apartments for us is a routine matter and we know all the technologies and nuances of creating a clean and fresh territory.

General cleaning is a step-by-step process that includes:

1. Cleaning of mirror and glass surfaces: windows, doors, stained glass, etc.;
2. Removal of dust by professional vacuum cleaners from fabric surfaces and upholstered furniture;
3. Bathroom cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms;
4. External cleaning of heating systems;
5. Dust removal and furniture treatment with safe antistatic agents with a prolonged effect;
6. Wet cleaning of the floor with any covering (laminate, parquet, linoleum) followed by treatment with special oils and agents.

Cleaning of cottages kyiv
Cleaning of cottages kyiv

If there are stains on your upholstered furniture or carpet, then (as an additional service) we will remove them from your sofas, armchairs, covers and they will be like new again!

We will check and clean air conditioners so that harmful bacteria do not accumulate in them, and you are always healthy and live in cleanliness.

In the process of work, we use phosphate-free, anti-allergenic detergents of well-known manufacturers: Kärcher, Amway, Nerta.

Our specialists work promptly and correctly, without causing you any inconvenience with their presence.

Our prices correspond to the classic formula: price – quality. Cottage cleaning – reasonable prices + excellent quality.