Improvement of the territory of Kyiv



Improved territory in Kiev and region

The territory was built by the booth, the office of the administrative office will work on the image of yoga vlasnikiv chi orendariv. Therefore  , it is necessary to trust the prosperous territory of Kiev   to professionals, who will care for all the nuances and details.

Complex pidkhid. We are professionally cultivating landscaping and landscaping of the territory under the key: from the development of the project to landscape design. We have all the necessary knowledge and technical capabilities for whom.

With the help of the victorious work, the company “BLYSK UKRAINE” not only satisfies the aesthetic and architectural likeness of the Zamovnik, but also creates a functional, economical and innovative engineering system for your business:

Improvement of the territory of kyiv
Improvement of the territory of kyiv
  • Creation of a competent water supply and drainage system (installation of sewerage and drainage)
  • Installation of irrigation systems (automatic irrigation systems)
  • Laying of roads, sidewalks and parking lots. Elements of the composition of the crime are its direct functional recognition, designation of the function of zoning the territory, giving departments a finished and neat appearance.
  • Terracing of areas with folded topography. With the help of walls of the same name in different styles, you can see the features of the landscape.
  • Installation of fences. Wood, metal, cattle, stones and forged fences – all popular materials are awarded facsimiles of the company “BLYSK UKRAINE” for the winning work on the protection of fences and fences.

The secret of a successful landscaped territory near Kiev

The company “BLYSK UKRAINE” covers all the needs of the client, looking at the territory in detail and selecting only the best solutions. We believe only in the materials of the high quality of domestic and foreign vineyards.

Special respect is given to the creation of flower beds, flowerbeds and lawns. As a final touch, small architectural forms are victorious.

Having entrusted our company with  the landscaping of the landscaping near Kiev and in the Kyiv region. you will try to take advantage of the speed of spivpratsi with the qualifications of fahivtsy, building unique projects and victorious work, be it equal to the folding. We work with the finest materials, dorimuyuchis technology, and tse guarantee that the worker of old fates will delight you with a hopeless look.

Improvement of the territory of kyiv
Improvement of the territory of kyiv

Why choose us?

Effective increase of collapsible dishes. It is easy to confuse us with food, which is often thrown away by the hours spent on landscaping near Kyiv and the region: quickly take into account the necessary weather of state bodies, competently organize processes, since they are regulated by the state.

Economically primed solution. Our specialists always promote the importance of the decision, as it allows you to achieve the best result with the least investment of money. Therefore, we accept the best result for the smallest investment of money.

Bad end result. We are creative and at the same time realize the plans of the landscaped area, turning them into reality to inspire the most daring ideas of our customers.