Cleaning of industrial premises Kyiv



Cleaning up of vacant houses in Kiev and the region

In addition, the cleaning up of undertakings for additional technical assistance is cheap, inexpensive, and allows you not to interrupt the working process.

The cleaning company “BLISK UKRAINE” has been awarded a great success in organizing and cleaning up industrial objects of advanced folding. Our professionalism confirms state accreditation and the status of a federal outsourcing operator.

Our professionalism is confirmed by the state accreditation and the statutory certificate of work in Kiev and the region.

Cleaning of industrial premises kyiv
Cleaning of industrial premises kyiv

Picking up virobnicheskih

The company “BLISK UKRAINE” offers the following modes for you:

  • More precisely tidying up technological applications – dry, damp, fragmented all horizontal surfaces, sawing with a saw with a saw, vinesennia smittya.
  • Periodic general cleaning of commercial premises (according to a suitable plan) – cleaning of important areas, chemical cleaning of furniture, mirrors, vicons, pipes, ventilation and insulating boxes, crystallization of pidlog, mitt walls.
  • Post-planned operational services.

Okrim pribirannya vyrobnihnyh prismіshchen, our spіvrobіtniki guarantee:

  • lull in the offices;
  • cleanliness and disinfection in remote areas (kitchens), dressing rooms;
  • sterility in showers and bathrooms;
  • cleansing of adjacent territories.

Cleaning Plants for the selection of materials

For 12 years, we have been developing cleaning services in the city of Kiev, regions and regions. Regional representations allow for a short period of time to respond to applications from businesses, no matter what:

  • machine-building factories;
  • food preparations;
  • enterprises of woodworking;
  • rural support workshops;
  • domobudivnyh combinativ.

We may have an order to clean up industrial objects from 2000 sq. m. m. up to 12 million sq. m. m.

Cleaning of industrial premises kyiv
Cleaning of industrial premises kyiv

Our prices

Varity of the contract is determined after the laying down of the contract. Our spіvrobitnik (for a year after the application) will come to you at the workshop, evaluate the work on improving your areas, features and favor. Comprehensive cleaning of commercial applications to protect your bones and improve your reputation on a shining level.