Furniture dry cleaning Kyiv



Dry cleaning of furniture in Kiev and the region

M’yaki furniture – part of the interior, as vikonu important functions. Sturdiness, aesthetics, zvnіshnіy vyglyad furniture, including m’yakoy – nevid’mna part of a person’s life.
Dry-cleaning of furniture is a convenient and practical procedure for cleaning surfaces of upholstery from dust, smoke, saw and life products of harmful bacteria for healthy people.
If you don’t carry out regular dry cleaning of furniture, then you’ll waste your pleasant, old-fashioned look, quickly aging, you will accumulate drank, bullshit and impersonal allergens in it.
If you have household creatures in your house, then the shoes will lead to periodic cleaning of furniture, and there will be more muck!
Proponuyuchi cleaning services, we comprehensively approach to the top of the food in terms of cleanliness.

Furniture dry cleaning kyiv
Furniture dry cleaning kyiv

Dry cleaning of furniture – the right technology

Dry-cleaning of furniture may come with the following technology:
1. With the help of a hard saw or a unique shield with a victorious tornado effect, cleaning of furniture with a deep saw is carried out;
2. With the help of special certificated zasobіv bred with bees;.
3. We will then carry out a deep chemical cleaning using non-penetrating methods. For example, zasіb Fornest vodіє vodіє іnіkalіnіkіstyu: іn аnіnіy vіdsіtі іnіnіy іnіnіy іnіnіy іnіstі іnії aggressivnyh miyuchih PAR, yоgo komponenti poіnіstyu razchinyayutsya in tіknіnії ї blevої ї ії;
4. Rinsing of soft furniture “dry” with pine and drying with special equipment;
5. Covering upholstered furniture with special dirt – and water treatment, which “revives” the color of the upholstery and continues the term її exploitation;.
6. Putting in order the wooden parts of soft furniture.

We vikoristovuєmo only certified safe care for looking after the furniture, which allow the authorities to reinforce the cob fresh zvnіshny look and upholstery. For example, we can see the wear on the skin sofas for the help of special tools, as they reinforce the structure of the upholstery.

Dry-cleaning of furniture in Kiev is carried out regularly 1 time on the river or more often, if it is to lie down at the stage of її exploitation.
For a proper and lucid look after the objects of the interior, the stench for a long time saves its garniy zvnishnіy look and creates a unique image of your booth, office or salon.

Furniture dry cleaning kyiv