Window cleaning Kyiv



Kyiv is a metropolis with busy traffic, high-rise buildings and developed industry. It is not surprising that a large amount of dust settles on the windows of houses, apartments in high-rise buildings and shop windows.

Apartment window cleaning services are becoming more and more popular. Coping with this task on your own is not as easy as it might seem.

No matter what detergents you use, no matter how you wipe the windows after processing, there are still noticeable separations on the surface that distort the picture outside the window and are clearly visible in the light of sunlight. Removal of paint stains and cement splashes during repairs is particularly difficult. Outside, it is difficult to clean the plaque from the smog that is characteristic of city streets. You can, of course, pick up a knife and try to scrape it all off, but it won’t get rid of the cloudy spot and scratches.

Window cleaning kyiv
Window cleaning kyiv

Window cleaning in apartments and offices in Kyiv and the region

To appreciate the skills of window cleaning specialists, it is enough to look at their work and perfectly transparent glass. It is incredibly difficult to get such an effect on your own! At least because this will require special chemicals, high-quality equipment, and possibly even expensive devices. All this allows you to remove any paint stain that has long since dried up – for this it is enough to soften it, dissolve it and then completely remove it. At the same time, the carefully thought-out composition of the means allows you to rule out problems with plastic window frames.

Sometimes cleaning windows requires treatment with several products at once – this helps to get rid of stains of various origins. Even cement can be dissolved! These unpleasant sprays are obediently removed after a little exposure.

Why me?

  1. Victory for ecological professionalism.
  2. Our company has an accurate professional, and the orderliness of which I am impressed.
  3. The price of the visit to the deputy is far behind, the payment is due for the result of the vikonan work, the possible preparation and the unprepared rozrahunok.

Do not spend an hour on those who do not bring satisfaction. Trust me to the cleaning company “BLISK UKRAINE” – we will do all the work for you!

Window cleaning kyiv
Window cleaning kyiv

Order Window washing in Kyiv and the region

The advantages of professional cleaning are obvious: we use special products and solutions that allow us to do the job flawlessly and are not toxic or allergenic. We have all the necessary inventory and specialized cleaning equipment, which is indispensable for ordering a large area. We carefully handle store windows, do not damage advertising tools and lighting.

The range of works provided by our company includes:

  • cleaning of glass from pollution;
  • washing frames, slopes, low tides, eaves;
  • coating of glass with special compositions that help preserve their purity for a long time.

The cost of services depends on the type of window (metal-plastic or wooden), size, floor.