Washing facades High-rise works Kyiv



Washing facades in Kyiv and the region

Facades and windows periodically need to be washed. Cleaning the external walls is fraught with great difficulties. Therefore, it should be performed only by specialists. We offer facade washing services in Kyiv. To hire specialists from our company to perform such work – contact us in any way convenient for you.

Every year, exhaust gases, street dirt and precipitation significantly pollute buildings. Washing facades is usually associated with dangerous work at height, which should be entrusted to professionals. To return the house to cleanliness and tidiness, you need to order an option from a cleaning company.

Washing facades high-rise works kyiv
Washing facades high-rise works kyiv

Peculiarities of providing services in Kyiv

Professional washing of facades allows you to get rid of dirt on glasses, slopes, ebbs, window sills and the space between the frames. Window washing can be done from one or two sides at the customer’s choice. Services are provided all year round, special detergents are used in winter. If necessary, experts will remove contamination that is difficult to eliminate – traces of glue, salt deposits, dust, bird droppings, embers after fires, graffiti, building materials or protective film. After manipulations, there are no separations and traces of cleaning on smooth surfaces.

Window washing is carried out with the help of special cleaning solutions, which are then washed off with clean water.


  • High-altitude washing of windows and facades and other work at height;
  • Complex washing of windows inside and outside without errors and separations;
  • Cleaning of complex surfaces (sprayed, tinted glass, mosaic windows);
  • Professional cleaning of window frames, slopes, seals, window sills and blinds;
    Final polishing of the glass.

Particularly heavily polluted are the facades of buildings located in large cities, near roads. Dust, dirt, precipitation and other adverse factors lead to facades losing their presentable appearance. Such houses need regular washing of windows and cleaning of external walls.

Washing facades high-rise works kyiv
Washing facades high-rise works kyiv

Order a facade cleaning service in Kyiv

  • professional equipment;
  • cleaning of any types of materials – brick, glass, stone, concrete, plastic;
  • use of safe chemical compounds;
  • return of the building to its original appearance without damage;
    efficiency and individual approach.

Washing windows and facades is a popular service that allows you to get rid of unhealthy dirt and restore the aesthetics of the building. The appearance of the building is an indicator of success and a great way to attract attention. After washing, it looks neater and gives its owner a certain status. If necessary, balconies and doors, non-standard glazing and roof are washed. Only certified cleaning agents and professional equipment are used in the work. Experienced staff fulfills all the wishes of the customer and manipulations of any complexity.