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What is cleaning


Cleaning is a whole science, so every employee undergoes mandatory training before starting their duties. Few people know that having cleaning products and tools at home, they are used incorrectly during assembly. Therefore, cleaning companies are constantly not only improving the quality of cleaning in the shortest possible time, but also regularly participate in conferences and training courses.

So what is cleaning? Professional cleaning is not only the usual surface cleaning, it is high-quality, reliable and safe care of upholstered furniture, office equipment, various floor coverings and textiles.

Large enterprises that care about their prestige have long been using the services of cleaning companies for periodic and general cleaning. A few years ago, according to statistics, only 20-30% of companies used the services of professional cleaners, today every second company signs a contract for a number of necessary cleaning services. By the way, in Germany, 85% of enterprises use the services of cleaning companies. Also, the popularity of cleaning agencies in Kyiv is growing among private individuals who value their time and are not ready to spend it on general cleaning at home.

The main tasks of cleaning in Kyiv

Cleaning is a fairly new concept for our country, which came to Kyiv from Western Europe. Even 10-15 years ago, such services were completely unknown in Ukraine.

The duties of cleaning agencies in Kyiv include not only current and general cleaning, but also cleaning after repairs with garbage removal, washing windows, lamps, mirrors, facades, cleaning toilets, bathrooms, kitchen facades, etc.

The main tasks of cleaning agencies include the following list of services:

• Office cleaning with dry cleaning of office furniture.
• Complex, general and post-renovation cleaning of apartments, country cottages, houses.
• Washing of windows, lighting devices and facades.
• Cleaning and dry cleaning of carpet products and coverings.
• Cleaning and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, textiles, children’s toys, etc.

It is also important to note that the price of cleaning services in Kyiv is always 20% cheaper than similar services from a cleaner in an office or a housekeeper in a house, and the efficiency of the work performed is much higher. Also, in cooperation with professional cleaners in Kyiv, it is worth noting that the customer or the owner of the premises will not have to explain the front of the work to the employees, and after monitoring the quality of the services performed, for this the cleaning company has a manager who deals with this.


The history of the emergence of cleaning companies


According to various sources, cleaning originated in Europe, but in fact, the Motherland of cleaning is Great Britain. It was there, in the 19th century, that cleaning services became popular. In Great Britain, there was even an institute where future professional cleaners were educated. By the way, this educational institution still exists.

One of the first devices that made cleaning easier was the vacuum cleaner, it was called “Firch Billy” because of the terrible and loud sound. This invention appeared in 1901, and its dimensions and weight significantly exceeded modern units, but the first vacuum cleaner coped with its task perfectly. Although this did not save the seemingly useful device from the award “Most ridiculous invention”. Later, the device was slightly improved and became similar to modern vacuum cleaners, to which everyone has long been accustomed.

Cleaning services gradually expanded. So in France, they accidentally found out that kerosene removes greasy stains from the tablecloth. It was with the help of kerosene that the first dry cleaning was carried out. Later, turpentine was added to the arsenal, which also removed greasy stains well. A few years later, scientists produced benzene, which replaced both agents, having advantages in the form of the absence of an unpleasant smell, as in kerosene and turpentine.

In Ukraine, especially in the city of Kyiv, the market of cleaning companies began to develop rapidly closer to 200 years ago. Currently, there are about 50 cleaning companies operating in our country. At the beginning of their activity, only foreign companies and branches used their services. Today, the services of cleaning companies are used to clean banks, shopping centers, train stations, restaurants, private apartments, houses, etc.

Who uses the services of cleaning companies and which services are popular

The most popular services among private individuals are cleaning after repairs with garbage removal. No less well-known is the cleaning and dry-cleaning service of upholstered furniture, children’s toys, carpets, etc.

Very often, you can hear feedback from customers that they planned to replace the sofa, because it has lost its appearance and looks untidy, but after dry cleaning it looks like the day of purchase.

As for cleaning after repairs, this is one of the most difficult and time-consuming services, which is difficult to handle on your own and will require a long period of time. And the lack of necessary tools, equipment and household chemicals will completely reduce all cleaning efforts to zero. You should also be careful, because the presence of professional chemicals at home can not only not help in cleaning, but also harm by spoiling the new laminate or decorative plaster. Professional cleaners in the city of Kyiv qualitatively remove construction dust from all surfaces, remove the remains of construction solutions and substances such as glue, mounting foam, plaster, etc.

Popular services of cleaning companies include:

• General cleaning of offices and residential premises.
• Cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms.
• Window cleaning, a particularly popular service on the upper floors of high-rise buildings.

Over the past few years, the statistics have leveled off and cleaning services in Kyiv are equally popular among both companies and private individuals.


Household chemicals for professional cleaning


Household chemicals, which are sold in mass markets in Kyiv at different prices, are definitely a high-quality and safe product, but not always effective. So what is the difference between simple household chemicals and professional cleaning products?

There are many differences, the main ones can be distinguished:

• Removal of complex and old stains of almost any origin.
• Each type of product is aimed at combating one type of pollution.
• Each cleaning agent is intended for only one type of coating.

In addition, professional cleaning products have certificates confirming their safety and harmlessness. Such substances are ecological and effective, but it is quite difficult to work with them due to the fact that each concentrate works under certain conditions, such as optimal temperature, duration of exposure, etc.