Cleaning logistics centers Kyiv



Picking up logistics centers in Kiev and the region

Warehouse facilities and logistics centers are the most important facilities for the collection and sorting of great goods and products. As soon as the life of such an appointment is completed, and before it, as if to put it into operation, it is necessary to prepare them for work – clean up the wakefulness, clean up, and disinfect. Cleaning up the day before the start of the project, in addition to preparing new premises before the process of saving the supply of goods.

Our professionalism is confirmed by the state accreditation and the statutory certificate of work in Kiev and the region.

Cleaning logistics centers kyiv
Cleaning logistics centers kyiv

Cleaning logistics centers – what we offer

We offer several types of complex services that you can combine according to your needs:

  • daily or periodic cleaning of the warehouse;
  • general planned or on demand;
  • non-standard cleaning: after repair, opening, after a fire;
  • cleaning of offices, offices, showers, houses, toilets;
  • cleaning of the surrounding area, parking.

We perform all types of manual and mechanized assembly services for warehouses and production facilities. We organize the cleaning of storage areas without disturbing your work schedule.

Cleaning logistics centers. List of works

  • washing and cleaning floors – mechanized and manual;
  • vacuum or wet cleaning of racks, metal structures of warehouses;
  • disinfection, disinsection, deratization (in accordance with the requirements of SES).

TechCleaningProekt staff uses only approved chemical cleaning products, specialized equipment and equipment.

The price of warehouse cleaning services is calculated individually and includes cleaning consumables, the use of professional equipment and tools.

Cleaning logistics centers kyiv
Cleaning logistics centers kyiv

The full cost of the work performance contract depends on:

  • characteristics and area of the warehouse;
  • volume and speed of service provision;
  • additional requirements.

To conclude a preliminary agreement, our manager will visit you within an hour after receiving the application. We guarantee not only cleanliness, preservation of warehouse contents, but also saving your time, money and nerves. of any level of difficulty. You can leave an application on the website or contact us by phone.