Cleaning medical centers



Cleaning of medical centers in Kyiv and the region

Cleaning hospitals, pharmacies and other medical premises is a mandatory measure of any medical institution. There is a certain list of cleaning operations, on the basis of which the collection plan is built. Cleaning services for hospitals primarily include cleaning wards. Significant organic pollution is eliminated. In the process of cleaning the wards, contamination is treated with a detergent that has a special composition. Professional cleaning in a hospital minimizes the chance of bacteria breeding.

Cleanliness in all institutions belonging to the field of medicine must be impeccable. Contact us and order services on favorable terms.

Cleaning medical centers

Cleaning in a medical center in Kyiv

  • Strict compliance with the norms of hygiene and sanitary processing of medical premises;
  • Mandatory use of disinfectants that meet safety conditions for human health;
  • Carrying out daily general cleaning in operating rooms, dressing rooms, delivery
  • rooms, procedural, manipulation, sterilization and other rooms with aseptic mode;
    Accounting for the operation mode of each medical facility and harvesting at a strictly agreed time.
  • Washing incoming groups;
  • Replacement of plastic bags in trash cans, removal of trash and cleaning of trash containers;
  • Wet cleaning of all types of floor covering by manual and mechanized method;
  • Cleaning dirt-protective coatings using a vacuum cleaner or a water collection device;
  • General cleaning (washing) of any type of hard floor by manual and mechanized method;
  • Sanitary and hygienic treatment of the surface of the floor, walls, ceiling, ventilation grilles, toilets, toilet seats, urinals, sinks, trash cans using detergents with a disinfecting effect;
  • Checking the availability and filling dispensers of liquid soap, toilet paper, paper napkins, air fresheners, etc.;
  • Washing of mirror and glass surfaces;
    Polishing of metal and wooden surfaces, as well as leather and imitation leather furniture;
  • Wiping and removing visible dirt from the surface of office equipment (telephones, faxes, computers, photocopiers, shredders);
  • Wet cleaning of window sills, cornices, plinths, slopes, door blocks, window glazing;
  • Wiping the working surfaces of furniture (without moving documents), tables, nightstands, removing dirt from the legs of chairs and armchairs;
  • Removal of contamination from pointers, signs and other interior items;
  • Treatment of ashtrays in smoking areas with a nicotine solvent;
  • Removal of dirt from small interior parts: switches, sockets, wiring boxes.
Cleaning medical centers

Cleaning of premises in laboratories

Cleaning company “BLYSK UKRAINE”, which has all the innovations for high-class cleaning and disinfection of laboratory premises. We guarantee a high level of sterility and hygiene.

Our company requires its employees to comply with the following requirements when cleaning the laboratory:

  • use cleaning compounds and tools, provided they have a certificate;
  • use a special form for collection in medical institutions;
  • in our work, we use microfiber materials, which eliminates the risk of transferring infections and harmful microorganisms;
  • inventory for assembling medical facilities is fully marked;
  • air ionization in the premises, use of new clean napkins for cleaning, etc.

Order cleaning of medical centers Kyiv

Disinfection destroys up to 100% of harmful microorganisms, does not harm the health of patients and protects against the occurrence of infections. After treatment with a special composition, all surfaces are thoroughly washed to eliminate the possibility of detergent residues on them. After the procedure, tools and devices are dried.

To ensure the required level of service quality, you need to have professional equipment and use appropriate detergents. We have everything you need.
Cleaning in medical facilities is carried out by people who understand how to do it correctly and have the necessary skills.
Our specialists follow all established rules and regulations.

Cleaning medical centers
Cleaning medical centers

Disinfection in medical facilities

Professional cleaning of medical facilities is aimed at the complete elimination of contamination of any complexity. The cleaning services of hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacies and medical centers in Kyiv must be complemented by a disinfection procedure, as well as disinsection and deratization.

High-quality cleaning of medical facilities is a difficult and responsible task! That is why it is better to entrust her decision to professional cleaners. Our specialists will consult in detail on all issues! BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning crew will perform their work with high quality at a time convenient for you.