Washing blinds Kyiv



Cleaning can still be tolerated, but cleaning the blinds is a no-brainer! How many times have you said that to yourself in the last year? All this time, the blinds worked properly. They protected the apartment from excessive bright light and collected room dust. Don’t they deserve a good cleaning?

We know that cleaning the blinds of the house is difficult. This is a few hours of personal time, a lot of effort and special detergents. But now you can forget about all this, as well as about the remorse about the dirty blinds.

BLYSK UKRAINE cleaning company, and as part of comprehensive cleaning, they will do what you dream of in your nightmares – washing blinds. This is professional wet cleaning of horizontal or vertical elements, as well as full-fledged cleaning of the entire apartment.

Washing blinds kyiv
Washing blinds kyiv

Dry cleaning of blinds in Kyiv and the region

Modern blinds, used both at home and in office commercial premises, are made of thin aluminum panels or dense materials of vegetable or synthetic origin. Their main advantage is impermeability to light and excellent protection against solar ultraviolet. Such blinds are made both for the size of a standard window and in the format from the ceiling to the floor. Dry cleaning blinds, the price of which depends on the complexity of the process, is a very time-consuming process. It is better to entrust such a procedure to specialists with special training and relevant experience

The first stage of the work is the professional dismantling of the blinds, which can be very difficult (it all depends on how they are installed). This is done for the purpose of high-quality processing of all the elements that make up the blinds – the canvas itself, the cornice, as well as the fastening elements and loads.

The canvases are not divided into separate elements, but are cleaned in a roll form in a special machine, and then, together with the rest of the elements, they are carefully returned to their place. Our specialists use only professional household chemicals, the use of which will not disturb the appearance and shape of the blinds, regardless of the material.

The cleaners will come to you with all the necessary equipment and detergents to quickly and efficiently wash the ceiling in the apartment. The entire cleaning from start to complete completion of all options takes only 2 hours on average!

Washing blinds kyiv

Order blinds dry cleaning in Kyiv

Dry cleaning of blinds on a scale is impossible, if the issue is cleaning with professional means and methods. It is also important that when processing blinds on a scale, it will not be possible to properly wash and disinfect the eaves and fastening elements. Procedures of our specialists during work:

  • After your application, the departure of specialists to assess the duration of work and remove the blinds is carried out at a time convenient for you, which will be previously agreed with you.
  • Our craftsmen will carefully remove the blinds from the window openings – the process will not affect the work of your office or your stay at home. Everything will be done quickly and extremely accurately.
  • In each case, we guarantee an individual approach and careful treatment, regardless of the scope of work. If necessary, we will carry out work in the morning or evening hours, when there will be a minimum number of employees in the office, so as not to interfere with their work.
  • When cleaning the blinds, only professional household chemicals are used, which guarantee a careful approach to the blinds and a minimal probability of their damage.
  • We will restore various damages, replace faded elements and repair weights and fasteners, if it is necessary to restore operability.
  • We will return and install the blinds at a time convenient for you.

Cleaning services for Kyiv blinds, both fabric and metal, can be ordered from our company at a low price that will surprise even the most demanding customer. We are ready to quickly fulfill orders of any complexity and do everything in the best way.