Carpet cleaning Kyiv



Carpet cleaning in Kyiv and the region

Each interior item requires careful treatment and proper care.
Modern carpets have a beautiful appearance, are part of the interior and give the room an atmosphere of coziness, style and comfort. At the same time, they are exposed to the most severe pollution and require special care.
Carpet accumulates dust and traces of harmful bacteria, covers complex stains, so they require regular specialized cleaning and special disinfection.

According to the results of research by the American Association of Allergists, carpets accumulate up to 80% of indoor dust!
Regular cleaning of the carpet will add freshness to the room and prevent the possibility of allergic respiratory diseases

Carpet cleaning kyiv
Carpet cleaning kyiv

Carpet cleaning – high-quality and safe in Kyiv and the region

Cleaning the carpet with the help of special cleaning agents will preserve its beautiful appearance and useful qualities for a long time.
Depending on the degree of contamination, carpet cleaning is carried out both at its location and in a specialized workshop of our company.
Carpet cleaning is carried out in several stages:
1. Deep dry cleaning (foam shampooing) of the carpet;
2. Removal of stains and traces of “sticky” means;
3. Removal of more complex and deep pollution;
4. Conditioner with antistatic, antiallergenic and softening agents;
5. Special coating drying using professional equipment

There is an option to use deep carpet cleaning. It is most often used in a situation where it is not possible to remove the carpet from the floor. The coating is cleaned using special vacuum equipment. As a result, absolutely all microparticles of sand, dirt, dust, waste products of carpet mites and bacteria are removed from the carpet.
All used means and equipment for carpet cleaning have quality and safety certificates.

Carpet cleaning is carried out by BLYSK UKRAINE specialists after thorough technological testing of the coating and selection of cleaning agents.
The periodicity of specialized carpet cleaning is determined individually and depends on the material, structure and service life of the coating.
The guarantee of our work is a correct and responsible attitude towards the property of our clients.
The cleanliness and shine of your premises is the “brilliant” reputation of our company!

Carpet cleaning kyiv