Cleaning of air conditioners Kyiv



Cleaning of air conditioners in Kiev and the region

Air conditioners have long and miraculously occupied their place in the interiors of our homes.
With an air conditioner or a split-system in the house during the summer sintering hours, it is easier to breathe, and the stink charge creates an atmosphere of warmth and calm.
Like and be-like technology, the air conditioner will help you to understand the technology of the right vikoristannya that sight.

Cleaning of air conditioners is due to be carried out regularly with a preventive method. If you don’t care for the “health” of the air conditioner, then, accumulating in your body, you drink and microorganism, you start working less effectively and bring harm to your health.

Cleaning of air conditioners kyiv
Cleaning of air conditioners kyiv

Condensate is formed on the evaporators, which sprays the dead flowers and reproduction of bacteria, which are harmful for a healthy person. Practically vinikaє dzherelo viruses and allergens. Before that, the ball saw, which accumulates on the condenser, leads to a freon coil, obviously – tse zayva vitrati, which requires a constant refueling of the air conditioner with a refrigerant agent.

Regular prophylactic cleaning of air conditioners will help you get rid of bad bacteria, and your environment will be fresh and safe for your health!

Cleaning of air conditioners, as well as other equipment, due to the work of fahivts. When carrying out the procedure of cleaning the internal blocks of the air conditioner, it is necessary to know not only the technology of proper cleaning, but also the application of technology.

Cleaning of air conditioners in Kiev – as a matter of course professionally

Symptoms that appear in the situation, if the air conditioner has a term purification:

1. Water is dripping from the indoor air conditioner unit.
2. Periodically vinikaє unacceptable smell;.
3. Third-party noise and crackle periodically appear.
4. Filter dark.

Cleaning of air conditioners kyiv
Cleaning of air conditioners kyiv

Do not allow such a situation, in which case the air conditioner will be more expensive and more expensive by the hour.

The technology of professional cleaning of the air conditioner includes:
2. Cleaning of the internal block:
✓ to the body of the block; ✓ heat exchanger; ✓ attached to a high vice; ✓ impellers;
✓ evaporator; ✓ drainage pipeline; ✓ filters.
3. Obov’yazkova disinfection of the outbuildings;
4. Control of the quantity of freon (if necessary, refueling);
5. Temperature control;
6. Revalidation of robotic modes.
Cleaning of air conditioners is part of our “glossy” services. The mission of our company “Blisk” is to create a healthy mind for people for a full life.