General cleaning Kyiv



General cleaning of Quarries, Cottages, Offices in Kyiv and the region

This service includes the most complete range of work: cleaning of all surfaces in the rooms, cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms, dusting of ceilings and walls. Window washing, as well as machine cleaning of hard floors (tiles, linoleum, wood) is not included in the standard list, but is added to the order. Appreciate the difference between independent and professional cleaning!

General cleaning of any room means creating favorable conditions for living or working. For example, general cleaning of the house – care for the health of the whole family, creating an atmosphere of family coziness and a good mood.

General cleaning kyiv
General cleaning kyiv

In contrast to weekly cleaning, the concept of “general” indicates the scale of the work. For Blysk specialists, any cleaning is a job that we treat with professional responsibility.
We carry out general cleaning in any premises, large and small. Every house, office, shopping center needs general cleaning at least once every six months.

Even with constant maintenance of the room, dust and harmful microorganisms gradually accumulate in it. Sometimes the general cleaning takes place outside the schedule before some celebration or before the holidays.

This has a big plus, for example, you will spend your anniversary or any party in a clean and bright room. This will add even more positive mood to your holiday!

General cleaning in Kyiv is convenient and high-quality

Professional cleaning and detergent products and equipment are used by BLYSK UKRAINE specialists for general cleaning. General cleaning includes:

1. Removal of dust from all surfaces, furniture, including upholstered furniture, using a special vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning;
2. Washing glasses, mirror surfaces, stained glass windows, loggias and windows, including those located at a height;
3. Thorough washing of floors and plinths. As an additional service, we offer high-quality polishing of parquet or floor tiles;
4. Special professional polishes and microfiber napkins are used to add shine and antistatic properties to furniture;
5. Removal of dirt in the kitchen, outside and inside kitchen furniture, from external surfaces of household appliances;
6. The use of a powerful steam generator guarantees an excellent result of cleaning and disinfection of premises;
7. Special attention is paid to bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms and saunas;
8. If there are metal products in your apartment, we will thoroughly wash and dry the metal decor.

General cleaning kyiv